Welcome to Park Brow Primary School

Welcome to Park Brow School relocated to a new school building in September 2011.

Twinned with 5 Rand Primary School and Oanob Primary in Namibia.

Our 3 Year Equality Objectives 2014- 17

  • Strive to achieve equality of opportunity for all adults and pupils, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity etc.
  • Educate all about discrimination and prejudice and promote a harmonious environment.
  • Ensure that the appointment of staff is in line with equal opportunities legislation.
  • Ensure that the Governing body of the school reflects that of the wider community.
  • Identify barriers to learning and participation and provide appropriately to meet diversity of needs.

Valmai Roberts– Headteacher

 Our most recent correspondence: Information on Aps that have been used for CSE/Inappropriate messaging – Guide for Parents

List of Aps